Second Edition

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Get GLAD, SAD & MAD with Helene Hadsell
as she regales you with confessions of her life’s adventures.

Join Helene Hadsell each day as she has breakfast, goes about her morning routine, and regales you, dear reader, with her serious, silly, and sermonish observations about the GLAD-SAD-MAD of life in her third book of wit and wisdom. She shares her secrets in a vibrant, warm, and folksy manner, unique only to her.


Helene was grateful for every moment her life held. All of them. She was GLAD she was blessed to experience all the ups, downs, and all arounds.


Helene didn’t like to dwell in the SAD of life, but she knew it was unavoidable on this human journey. She focused on learning from any lesson that brought with it sorrow.


Helene wasn’t interested in existing. She wanted to LIVE. Have adventures. Savor every moment of her life. She was fighting MAD when and if anyone tried to take that away from her.

Messengers and miracles. Self-awareness and soul contracts. Points to ponder and past lives. Thought forms and telepathy. Synchronicity and sermons. Yes! Helene had experienced all of these antics and more! In the 80+ years, she was in a physical body on planet earth, she had one daring adventure after another.