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Are you in touch with your Guardian Angel?
Are you aware that help from the unseen world is just a heartbeat away?
Are you using your mind to its full potential?

YOU are not just a grain of sand in the sea of eternity. YOU are special in this vast universe.

Life is a daring adventure or nothing.”
–Helen Keller

Are there questions, circumstances, or perhaps experiences in your life that you have been struggling to understand the unseen world or other dimensions? You will find your answers in this book. Helene Hadsell leads you on an adventure with her deep insights in her unique storytelling style that sweeps you along with excitement. Helene shares her personal experiences—that began at the age of six—about thought forms, apparitions, levitating, and telepathy, along with her sage advice, plus her techniques for you to pursue.

Learn from an ADVENTURER who shares her experiences with:

  • Thought Forms – our creations

  • Apparitionsmessengers send from our Higher Intelligence

  • Levitatinga stupid idea

  • Becoming Invisiblewith Paul Twitchell