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After speaking with Marco Mulbach, it made absolute sense why I was blessed with maintaining Helene Hadsell’s legacy. According to our Human Design charts, we have seven electromagnetic channels in common. In some instances, we support each other’s channels, and in others, we complete each other’s circuits. It seems I was destined to pick up where she left off, energetically and physically. I believe it’s because we had similar body graphs with almost all the same definitions, including the fact we are both Generators.

This interview was in-depth and lasted almost 90 minutes. My recap won’t do Marco’s insights justice, but here are some highlights.

I’ll begin by saying I found it fascinating how, as Marco discussed each of Helene’s centers and described her personality, it was her to a T. The same is true of me and mine.

Not surprisingly, we are both sacral emotional beings. Marco stated Helene was the more emotional one of the two of us, and based on her writing, stories from her family, interviews, etc. I bet you agree. (Says the extremely grounded triple Capricorn, nicknamed ‘Earth Girl’ by one of my astrologer BFFs.)

Marco said I was tribal, which, to me, is clearly tied to my strong connection to the sweepstakes community and why I am a born hugger. (If you don’t know who Leo Buscaglia is, then learn. He should have been in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most hugs, as he always hugged everyone in attendance after his lectures.) Helene was the opposite. When she needed to regain her balance, she needed to be alone. I bet she meditated or read. Spent time in introspection.

This next point was an eye-opener: neither of us was designed to manifest constantly, and both our throats (Anja) were open, yet both of us are manifestation teachers. We are both open and undefined.

I am sure Helene would have loved this modality had she discovered it in the last decade of her life. She would have investigated it as she did with all her other interests: The Silva Method, astrology, numerology, tarot, etc.

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The quote I forgot during our interview.

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