Helene Hadsell’s Lost Workshop

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In April 2022, I drove to Texas to gather the remains of Helene Hadsell’s business files. (You can read about my adventures here: Meet The Hadsell’s.)

I spent three days going through her library, files, etc. sorting, and determining what to bring home that would best maintain her legacy. (I wish I could have brought all her books home, but I only had so much space in my car!)

While sifting through boxes, I found heaps of cassette tapes. One tape was marked “Toward Self ‘I’ Wareness – Tape II”. I never found tape one. (Although Helene was famous for her book The Name It & Claim It Game, she taught on many other positive thinking and metaphysical topics.)

Last week I finally took the tape to my audio producer/sound engineer, Alex (I am recording all the Audible books at his studio.) and he was able to digitize it and clean it.

It’s poor quality as it was exposed to the elements (heat, humidity, dust, etc.) and right when he was finished the tape snapped. Alex also told me it was tape two of at least a three tape set. The tape wasn’t long, so he put both sides into one audio file.

As there aren’t a lot of audios or videos of Helene, I thought it was important to share it, regardless of its partial and current state.

Did you ever take a course from Helene?

As some can’t hear the audio very well on YouTube, I decided post it directly here as the sound quality may be a bit better.

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About the Author: Carolyn Wilman

Carolyn Wilman began her writing journey as the Contest Queen teaching others how to master the art of sweepstaking. As you must believe you are a winner before you are, becoming a re-publisher of out-of-print mindset and metaphysical books and teaching a new generation was a natural next step. Carolyn has republished all of Helene Hadsell’s works, and soon to be released are all of Tag & Judith Powell’s.

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