Helene Hadsell’s Missing Chapter

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I have been told never to read Amazon reviews on any of your books. I made that mistake last week. One in particular rubbed me the wrong way as the reviewer felt I took important teachings out of Helene’s work when I KNEW I hadn’t.

Then I began wondering, “Why is it irking me?”

“A mirror can’t be polished without being rubbed.”

While recording the Audible edition, I discovered Helene took out a chapter between her first edition and her second. Clearly, it was a calculated decision between her and Tag Powell (owner of Top of the Mountain Publishing) who published the 2nd Edition of The Name It & Claim It Game in 1988.

I decided the best way to debunk any thought that I changed Helene’s work in any way, except for enhancing it, was to share her writing journey, my writing journey and then read aloud the ‘missing’ chapter on YouTube, then offer the additional chapter for free on my website.


Do you have Helene’s first edition?

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About the Author: Carolyn Wilman

Carolyn Wilman began her writing journey as the Contest Queen teaching others how to master the art of sweepstaking. As you must believe you are a winner before you are, becoming a re-publisher of out-of-print mindset and metaphysical books and teaching a new generation was a natural next step. Carolyn has republished all of Helene Hadsell’s works, and soon to be released are all of Tag & Judith Powell’s.

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