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I enjoyed chatting with Elly Molina about manifesting magic and Helene Hadsell. If you don’t know who Elly is, she is an intuitive advisor and consultant who loves Helene’s philosophy as much as I do.

We chatted about Helene’s philosophies, which she originally wrote about over 50 years ago, and how they still apply today. Timeless wisdom that transcends the decades and how you can apply them to your life today.


Although Ask Elly is no longer being produced, you can listen to her archive where topics range from consciousness to the mystical.

TIP: I listen to podcasts while I go PIN Code Hunting. Great way to multitask. Walk. Collect. Learn.

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About the Author: Carolyn Wilman

Carolyn Wilman began her writing journey as the Contest Queen teaching others how to master the art of sweepstaking. As you must believe you are a winner before you are, becoming a re-publisher of out-of-print mindset and metaphysical books and teaching a new generation was a natural next step. Carolyn has republished all of Helene Hadsell’s works, and soon to be released are all of Tag & Judith Powell’s.

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