Manifesting Money–Helene Hadsell Style

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In Helene Hadsell’s second edition of The Name It & Claim It Game, she added a chapter called How to Reinforce Your Talents and Greatness. Within that chapter, she outlines an exercise on how to draw money toward you.

Drawing Money To You

Buy a package of play money from the toy or game department of a store. Write your name on all the bills. Paste them on a piece of green cardboard. With a marks-a-lot, print: MY GOOD IS AT HAND, AND I AM GRATEFULLY RECEIVING IT NOW. MONEY IS DRAWN TO ME CONSTANTLY. MY MONEY SUPPLY IS LIMITLESS. Read it several times each day and imagine you have a handful of money.

I thought it would be fun to recreate her Law of Attraction exercise while answering questions. As I couldn’t find play money at the store, I ordered movie money on Amazon. I bought a large bristol board at the dollar store along with the glue and markers.

As I was discussing manifesting, I shared a story Dr. Joseph Murphy never published in his books about how he, like Helene, manifested a fully furnished home. Helene included his story in her third book Confessions of an 83-Year-Old Sage.

Plus my TikTok friend Subconscious Loz popped on in the chat. Linda (Loz is a nickname) is a master manifestor specializing in the teachings of Neville Goddard. I love her as she is straightforward, pulls no punches, sometimes swears, and sets you straight while teaching via video and live. All that and with a beautiful Australian accent. (I am sure Helene would have loved her too!) If you don’t have TikTok, you can connect with Loz on YouTube.

My finished board. I’ll let you know how much manifests and how long it takes.

NOTE: This post was originally created for my Contest Queen website in April of 2022. That site now only focuses on how to win prizes and this site focuses on metaphysical topics and the power of the mind.

What manifestation exercises do you like?

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About the Author: Carolyn Wilman

Carolyn Wilman began her writing journey as the Contest Queen teaching others how to master the art of sweepstaking. As you must believe you are a winner before you are, becoming a re-publisher of out-of-print mindset and metaphysical books and teaching a new generation was a natural next step. Carolyn has republished all of Helene Hadsell’s works, and soon to be released are all of Tag & Judith Powell’s.


  1. Alejandro Martínez November 20, 2023 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    Hi, Carolyn!
    In response to your “What manifestation exercises do you like?” question, I probably would add something related to how to manifest specific things, for example, “I’d like to get that car, or that house, or whatever”, but focusing on a particular desire.
    Greetings from Mexico!

    PS.- I wonder if you know some Spanish language so you can share with us some readings of the book “¿Lo quieres? Lo tienes”; if you’d like to learn, I’d love to teach you some phrases.

    • Carolyn Wilman December 18, 2023 at 10:44 am - Reply

      Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep those in mind. Also, I do not speak Spanish and right now don’t have the bandwidth to learn. I appreciate the offer.

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