Dr. Tag Powell

Dr. Tag Powell was a living example of what he preached: that by learning to scientifically train and channel more of your mind, you can become a happier, wealthier, and more successful person.

For decades, Dr. Powell expertly guided thousands along his path to excellence through world-renowned human potential training and his own highly successful life improvement seminars in major cities from coast to coast and worldwide.

As a lecturer, he achieved numerous awards and honors, including the Silva Method’s President’s Cup.

Dr. Powell authored dozens of books, including the best-sellers Money & You, The Silva Mind Mastery Method, and the updated James Allen classic As You Thinketh.

Tag Powell earned his doctorate in Psychorientology from the Institute of Psychorientology in Texas and his master’s certification and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming through The Southern Institute of NLP.

A favorite on radio and TV talk shows around the world, Tag’s wit and humor add zest to his lectures and seminars because, at one point in his earlier career, he was a recognized New York actor and comedian. His diverse background also includes business management, the President of an advertising agency, and even rocket design.

As the owner of Top of the Mountain Publishing, Tag also published the 2nd Edition of Helene Hadsell’s best-seller The Name It & Claim It Game.

He spent the latter part of his life and career had been spent with Dr. Judith Powell, his wife, and partner, who was also an award-winning lecture writer. Tag retired and lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his five cats.


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  • As You Thinketh – James Allen & Tag
  • From Poverty to Power – James Allen & Tag
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