The Hidden Message of Your Dreams

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Helene Hadsell wrote this blog and posted it on July 9th, 2009.

We all dream, but some people claim that they cannot remember their dreams. I believe that mental musing is the same as when one is in a dream state.

Most dreams are sorting dreams—meaning we sort out the day’s happenings. Some of our dreams are wishful thinking, and some dreams are prophetic. If our dreams alarm us there is a way that one can cancel out the negative, replay the situation, and change it into a positive.

What led me to discuss dreams this morning is a phone call I received a number of years ago from a woman who was alarmed about a dream she had and asked for my opinion.

Her dream…

“My two daughters go to a college that is a four-hour drive from here. Jim, the son of my best friend, who goes to the same college, has a car; when he comes home on the weekends, they usually come home with him to visit.

They are here this weekend and last night I dreamed that they had an accident going back to college. It was so specific. I saw Jim running off the road to avoid hitting a car and his car flipped over and the car rolled down an embankment.

I awoke in a sweat and fear; it was so real. I know that Jim is a cautious driver and a good kid. What should I do? Drive them back to college myself or tell Jim and the girls about my dream and ask Jim to be extra careful?”

My suggestion…

“Let’s you and I replay your dream because we don’t know if it is predestined. Somebody may need that ‘accident’ as their learning experience.”

Sound far-fetched? Hear me out before you jump to any conclusions.

In my book, there are no accidents. You set them up. It sometimes takes a lot of soul searching for one to admit that it was their thinking that caused it.

So… what we did together was we mentally saw the accident and projected and visualized her two daughters getting out of the car without a scratch.

I suggested that she replay the scene over and over with her daughters unharmed. “I too will also send energy for their safety,” I assured her. It was later that evening when she called.

There was an accident. She and her husband had to go to the scene of the accident and pick up their daughters to take them to college. Jim was in the hospital with two broken legs. When we discussed it later, she questioned, “Why didn’t we include Jim walking away from the scene unharmed?”

Good question. I had to give that oversight a serious consideration. But we did get the answer.

When she went to visit Jim in the hospital later that week, he made the remark, “Well, I guess this means I won’t have to go back to school. It was my dad’s idea that I had to go to college. I want to start my own band and continue to play my guitar and write songs.” Which he did, and he became quite successful locally.

Many times parents think that they know what is best for their children. But that is not always the case.

REMINDER—When one has a frightening dream with any negative consequences the majority of people tend to replay it over and over again. You are giving it energy.

Thoughts create, especially when we dwell on them with emotion.

Believe and Receive.

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