NOTE: This is the original 1981 cover.
The 2nd Edition will look different but just as eye-catching!

Money & You

By Dr. Tag Powell

Updated by Carolyn Wilman

10 Actions Lessons in the Art of Growing Rich - 2nd Edition of Money & You

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How You Can Become Rich By Changing Your Thoughts

Want to be rich and enjoy it?

Here is the easy way to formulate and attain your goals.

This is the book you have been waiting for. At last a short, easy, to the point manual. Showing you how you can think rich and become rich. These ten condensed power-packed lessons rush you to a new wealthier, happier you.

Here are the secret’s of Dr. Tag Powell’s ‘Money & You’ workshops, which have brought riches to people across the nation.

The author has included alphamatic programming shortcuts, which use Alpha brain wave functioning that go directly to the inner conscious.

And special bonus instructions for making your own recording for instant reinforcement!

Now you can learn how to become rich by merely changing your attitude…..about Money & You

  • Learn power techniques to quickly bring you up from the ‘barely making out’ class into the happy upper class of the wealthy.

  • Discover fast new and powerful ‘Alphamatic’ techniques.

  • Aquire magic dynamic tools that can help you build your fortune in the shortest possible time.

  • Find out how to get all the money you deserve for whatever you want.

10 Action Lessons In The Art Of Growing Rich

In 10 lessons, you can learn:

  • How to rethink your self-defeating attitudes about money.
  • How to gain fresh insight into your earning, spending, banking, and investing.
  • How to love yourself, your work, your money, and your life.

Money lessons include:

  • How to think rich.
  • How to spend rich.
  • How to decide the pathway to riches.
  • How to plan your money moves.
  • How to become accustomed to riches.
  • How to develop money confidence.