Photos from the Hadsell Archives

This page is currently ‘under construction’ and will be updated regularly as more photos are digitized. We appreciate your patience. Also, scroll down as there are gaps between photo galleries.

Hadsell Family Slides

Some of the slides were marked. Many were not. I recognize some people, but not all. I have checked with Dike and Melissa, and as the photos were taken 60-ish years ago, even they don’t know who some of the people are. Therefore, they were labeled as friends.

Found in Helene’s Files

Some of these images are high res; some are low. Some were pictures I scanned, and some were found on diskettes (hence the low res). There is a real mishmash but I wanted to share them for all to enjoy.

Publicity Scans

These are pictures I found online that featured the Hadsells in publicity photographs. I was hoping to find the originals, but not on this past trip. Maybe the next one.

Delta Sciences – In The Beginning

These photos appear to have been taken after the Hadsell home and student center was completed, officially creating the Delta Sciences Center. I believe this is 1982.

Carolyn’s 2008 Visit

These are the pictures I took when I visited Helene in 2008. For some reason, she didn’t want to be in any of the photos or have her picture taken, but she did let me film a contest entry on my phone. (You can see it on YouTube.) Of course, she won …