Helene Hadsell

Helene Hadsell was living proof not only of her own dynamic philosophy but of the entire New Thought Movement. Her emphasis on successful living through right thinking. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote about her success in his books and articles. Dr. Joseph Murphy, who authored books on the power of the subconscious mind, was a friend that encouraged Helene to keep writing and sharing her experiences in the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method of Mind Training, inspired her to research and to investigate allied subjects on self-awareness and mind over matter techniques.

Travelling the United States, Europe, and South America, Helene was a popular speaker in the ’70s and ’80s, giving seminars on mind control, positive thinking, and the spiritual realm.

She authored several best-selling books, among them, Contesting: The Name It And Claim It Game, which tells how, through positive action, she won almost every contest she ever entered, including winning a beautiful new home in Irving, Texas.

In 1986 after lecturing around the world, she founded a retreat center. She chose the name Delta Sciences because of the diversity of subjects she taught at her retreats – telepathy, meditation, self-awareness, etc.

Helene passed away at age 86. At Helene’s request her son, Dike Hadsell kept her books available, until he sold the book rights in 2020 to Carolyn Wilman, to ensure his mother’s legacy lived on in perpetuity.