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This article was originally sent to me by Helene on April 15th, 2009. I chose to include it in Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game as an addition to the Blueprint chapter Helene had already written, as it brought further clarity to her work. This is the updated, edited version from her book. If you would like additional help in discovering your destiny, there are countless good readers, intuitives, psychics, and mediums that specialize in astrology, numerology, oracles, energy work, feng shui, etc. Begin with the Recommended Reading resources outlined at the end of the book and go from there.

NOTE: Until recently, I did not know of anyone offering the type of Blueprints Helene created. It is why I included her articles in The Name It & Claim It Game, with the hope that you will glean insight into your own path.

Then psychic medium, Sarah Jordon, following her intuition, contacted me about recreating, as closely as possible, Helene’s Blueprints. However, Blueprints 2.0 are currently sold out. Keep checking back until Sarah has availability.

You can watch two videos about Helene’s Blueprints on my WordsForWinning YouTube channel

Blueprint #2

After Helene [Hadsell] was featured in a 2008 Finerminds (now Mindvalley) educational program (no longer available), she was flooded with inquiries about her books, Blueprints, and specifically her SPEC method from people all over the world. Many were worried about their current economic situation wanted to know why they weren’t winning money. She asked me to share this with my readers.


I enjoy doing people’s Blueprints. It offers so much information about the MISSION one comes into a physical body to experience this lifetime. I have had so many requests to explain how I set up a chart that I decided to explain and give you a clearer picture of what it is all about.

EXAMPLE: A male born September 7, 1960. (We only work with numbers from 1 to 9, so I add the year to get a 7.) September is a (9). Day is a (7). Year is 1960 = (7). Add the 9+7+7 = 23. 2+3 = (5). His Mission is the ADVENTURER–one who grows and learns about life through being willing to live it to the hilt and to change things (and people). It represents freedom.

Each Blueprint includes what your name means, your Informative, Productive, and Harvest cycles. I request three birth dates of family or friends that you wish to learn more about, so I can show you the karmic ties you have with them. I also include the technique of how you can chart information about other people’s Mission. One of the most revealing aspects of each Blueprint is the playing card chosen according to your birth. I also include a card for each person that you included. Your Sun Sign, where your North Node was at your birth, informing you about what you need to work on while in your physical body; the Tone that resonates to your Sun Sign. Master numbers are revealed in birth numbers. Your Chinese animal, KI-ology, and plenty of cartoons, so that you can lighten up while you read all the information about you.

The part that I personally enjoy the most about doing a Blueprint is when I complete it, sit back to read it, and write information that you need to consider. Many times I feel that someone is mentally communicating to me what I should remind you of. When this happens, I feel I learn as much or more than the person whose Blueprint I am doing. Let me share an actual page that I wrote to the man whose chart I did a number of months ago. You recall he was born on September 7, 1960.

Some Things For You To Consider
You have some interesting numbers to work within this incarnation–remember that your parents gave you your name-higher intelligence gave you your numbers.

September a (9) month is your INFORMATION cycle that lasts until you are 31 years old. The (9) is the vibration of the Humanitarian–whose life must be an example of the realization that all people and all life forms are interdependent. You must learn to cope, as it requires great amounts of understanding. During this period, you were serious and desperately trying to rationalize many things you couldn’t understand because you had a restless streak that pulled you every which way. You did a lot of reading. Did you know that you have a natural talent to write-a gift that you had in past lives? I hope that you are aware of this writing talent. This was not an easy cycle for you. It urged you to pursue self-knowledge. It required a lot of soul-searching because your MISSION—as the Adventurer is restless—wants to travel/investigate. Writing your feelings and experiences would have been a great comfort. Perhaps a journal that you could have referred to occasionally would have been most beneficial. But you are no longer in this cycle.

Day born a (7) Your PRODUCTIVE cycle from age 32 to 58 and what you are presently in is the number of the Philosopher–whose inner journey ends only at complete self-knowledge and perfected lifestyle. To spend a lot of time analyzing would be a good habit to cultivate.

Your HARVEST cycle is also (7), and it begins when you are 59 years old. You have been dealt a double seven, the Productive and Harvest cycle. Are you getting the message that you need to focus on the spiritual aspect of who you are – why you are here and what you are here to learn? I note on your karmic tie page that YOU, your WIFE, and SON all have the number (7) in your Harvest cycle. You all came from the same Soul Group Soul to support each other. Your card—The Queen of Hearts-The Loving Mother Card—has excellent information and suggestions that can be most beneficial for you to consider. The Desiderata, on the back cover of your 20-page Blueprint book, has a down-to-earth philosophy that makes a lot of sense. You will be in your physical body for a long time. Be assured that you will LIVE, not just exist. Fun and games are still in store for you. Lighten up kid … that’s why I included all the cartoons for your benefit. ENJOY!

The man whose Blueprint I just shared with you asked me this question, “Can you please explain in detail how to project prosperity?”
I can’t be more specific than what I have repeated thousands of times SPEC! Select It … Project It … Expect It … Collect It.

See yourself as already having what it is you want. Now that you are aware of what you came into this lifetime to accomplish, there will come a time that cars, trips, houses, money, prosperity will not be a priority. Therefore I suggest that you add this to your goals, wishes, and projects. ‘If it’s meant to be’, or ‘If this is for my highest good’. José Silva used the phrase, “God willing.” I personally believe that we are given everything that we earned in our past and present life. We must ask to receive–that’s what SPEC is all about

May I remind you that you contacted me to do your Blueprint and that you may accept or reject anything that I have said. I realize that I may lose friends and influence enemies, but that’s what I get for being an old SAGE.

Did you ever buy a Blueprint from Helene?

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