How Helene Hadsell Learned The Silva Method

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Helene Hadsell met José Silva at one of his first Introductory classes to The Silva Method. Here is the story in her own words from In Contact With Other Realms:

“You must come to Fort Worth with me to hear a man from Laredo,” my friend Susan ordered in what she intended to be a voice of authority.

“He is giving a free introductory lecture on a program he calls SILVA MIND CONTROL. I heard he was in Amarillo last week, and I got word that he is a must to meet.”

Susan is what my friends called a Metaphysical Butterfly—flitting from class to class. Her enthusiasm was contagious. When she heard of a lecturer or book about metaphysics or the occult, she pursued it briefly. She was searching for answers about herself, life, and the Universe.

I am eternally grateful to Susan for prompting me to attend this introductory lecture about MIND CONTROL. The man, JOSÉ SILVA, not only had a MESSAGE, but he had the METHOD for each of us to find our own answers. After hearing José, my search for answers was over.

When José stepped onto the platform in front of a crowded room that Sunday afternoon of our first meeting, I got the impression that he was not interested in the unimportant things of life. He was a man meant for heroism. In the 1970s, one had to be determined to buck the flak from people whose mindsets were fixed. Although I felt that organized religions and the scientific community were his biggest opposition, José’s attitude was, “They will see the merit one day how the mind and our thinking controls our lives. I must continue to teach MIND CONTROL to all who will listen.”

He began by explaining how our brain functions and referred to the color charts that made it easy for me to follow and understand. The only difficulty I had was trying to comprehend every word. He had a thick accent and spoke too fast.

I remedied that during the first break when I approached him and suggested he talk slower. He thanked me for the suggestion and continued at a slower pace.

“You must get to know this man better,” a small voice inside my head repeated when he completed the presentation and began asking the audience if anyone had any questions.

When everyone was finished with their questions, I stood up and said, “I have one last question—how would you like to come to Irving and join my friends for dinner this evening?” Everyone laughed as he replied, “Thank you, I would be honored.”

After Jan, Barbara, Ann, and I got into Susan’s Lincoln and were on our way home, Susan said, “I’m so glad you asked him. Now we can pick his brain some more.”

When we arrived at my place, Susan, Jan, and Ann sat in the den and talked to my husband. Barbara and I headed for the kitchen to fix something to eat.

I prepared my never-fail quickie casserole with tuna, cashews, chips, mushroom soup, and grated cheese and popped it into the oven to bake. Barbara cleaned and arranged a tray of raw vegetables.

We ate supper after José arrived, then sat in the den and listened to José until midnight. Tomorrow was a workday for the girls, so they had to leave. Before leaving, Susan, Jan, and I offered to help José set up a lecture in Dallas. Barbara and Ann said they would help 

whenever they could, but since they were both airline stewardesses, their schedules would be more restrictive.

The next day José left to go back to Laredo. Susan, Jan, and I got busy the next evening via telephone, contacting Susan’s metaphysical and meditation friends. We had over sixty people attend the introductory lecture. Thirty-four signed up to take his first class in Dallas.

Each time José came to town, he would present an introductory lecture and follow with a class. We were kept busy.


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I am in the process of becoming a Silva Instructor, therefore I will be at as many live streams as possible. Not unlike how Helene helped José bring his message to the world, and you.

Will I see you there?

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